Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Understanding Sitecore SXA

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) can be an absolute game-changer for how projects are envisioned, executed and maintained. Understanding how SXA will affect the design/build/maintain journey is key to knowing when to adopt. Just like in an auto race, knowing when to hit the accelerator can make the difference between success and disaster.

This seven-part series will examine the what-and-why of SXA, and uncover the impact SXA can have on marketing effectiveness.

Why SXA?

If you’re facing a new implementation for the first time, or you’ve been battle-scarred from a past rocky implementations, there’s a certain allure to an out-of-the-box solution, built on best practices, containing a swath of pre-built capabilities, with a prescriptive implementation process.
Learn about SXA’s promise and what it could mean for you.

What is SXA?

SXA is a Sitecore-supported framework, toolbox and methodology that helps projects get started faster, develop more smoothly, and deliver results reliably. Learn more about how SXA helps overcome many of the conventional hurdles faced by Sitecore project implementers.

Rapid start, smooth execution

Adopting a powerful technology like Sitecore can be overwhelming. Implementations are rocky, solutions become unmaintainable, and the high-return “phase 2” features never come to pass. Learn how SXA’s prescriptive, best-practice methodology and user-friendly tools can smooth the learning curve, get projects off to the right start, and streamline execution.

Flatter, faster cadence

Every Sitecore project is unique. Some large, some smaller. Some stand-alone, some multisite. Some complex, some straightforward. Languages, search, media, seo, visual design — any of these can raise the complexity bar. Learn how SXA can lower the barrier to entry, speed time to value, and enable continuous improvement.

Prescriptive, but flexible

Digital marketers and technologists that have lived through (or are facing up to) a complex project, the unknowns of proper execution loom large. Faced with unknown complexity, the idea of a highly prescriptive methodology can be a welcome relief. That may feel confining, but SXA allows a mix-and-march approach that allows a given project to adopt all or just some of SXA’s processes. Learn how SXA allows the hard things to be hard, while keeping the simple things simple … and makes some of those hard things simpler than you thought.

Nuances in process and responsibilities

When moving into an SXA mindset, in addition to changes in methodology and process, be prepared for roles to be redefined or at least shift a bit. Learn more about how disciplines and processes may shift when adopting SXA as an implementation framework.

Choosing a path

Conventional build or SXA? Marketers and technologists preparing for a new site build in Sitecore have more choices than ever before. SXA offers a real alternative to the classic build approach, bringing with it both advantages and challenges.