Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Understanding Sitecore SXA: Rapid Start, Smooth Execution

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Today’s marketing technology landscape has become a “field of dreams,” offering a dizzying array of platforms, technologies, and strategies. Marketers are eager to make their own dreams a reality, utilizing these tools to achieve the promise of true customer engagement.

Two things become quickly apparent.
  • Actually living that dream means changing business as usual.
  • Understanding how to execute is the difference between a dream and a nightmare.

Adopting a powerful technology like Sitecore can be overwhelming. A knowledgeable partner knows the landscape can guide a successful implementation, but a complex implementation can be a long and trying process.

By combining a suite of pre-built components and user-friendly tools that smooth the learning curve, SXA gets projects off to the right start and streamlines execution.

Throughout and beyond the initial project build, much of the work of modifying layout and even building new features is shifted to the Sitecore administrative interface, meaning many things that have historically relied on cumbersome code deployment processes can not be achieved with a mere publish.

Time-to-value is reduced, and concurrent team collaboration becomes a force multiplier rather than a series of tactical waves.