Friday, July 26, 2019

Yet another Sitecore 9.2 Install Blog

Setting up a developer VM got much easier with 9.2. I'm sure lots of these "how to" posts are going up; here's mine (as much for my own reference as anything else).

I'm assuming you're using a "bare" Azure VM with Server 2016, but the steps shouldn't be much different for other hosting scenarios. I use a DS4 v3. I take liberties with security best practices, since this is a dev box.

Installing SQL

Install en_sql_server_2017_standard_x64_dvd_11294407.iso.

  • Instance ID: MSSQLSERVER
  • Mixed Mode authentication
    • Assign a SA password
    • Add your machine account as an admin.

Install management tools 8.1

  • sitecore/sitecore 
  • Enforce password policy off 
  • Server Roles > sysadmin 

Enable "contained database authentication"

  • Run the SQL script:  EXEC sp_configure 'contained', 1; RECONFIGURE;

Install Solr 7.5

[string]$solrVersion = "7.5.0", 
[string]$installFolder = "C:\solr",
[string]$solrPort = "8983", 
[string]$solrHost = "solr750.local", 
[bool]$solrSSL = $TRUE, 
[string]$nssmVersion = "2.24", 
[string]$keystoreSecret = "secret", 
[string]$KeystoreFile = 'solr-ssl.keystore.jks', 
[string]$SolrDomain = 'solr750.local', 



Install SIF 

  • Register-PSRepository -Name SitecoreGallery -SourceLocation 
  • Update-Module SitecoreInstallFramework 
  • Validate: Get-Module SitecoreInstallFramework –ListAvailable 

Install Sitecore 



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